Healthy Neighborhoods Make Healthier Kids

Healthy Areas Make Healthier Kids

Experts state numerous neighborhoods throughout the nation are ending up being less healthy, an unsafe trend that can damage kids’s health.

Frequently, these issues exist because the way communities are developed can have major health consequences, especially for children and households.

For example, in city locations, lack of pathways, safe areas to play, and access to fresh foods add to boosts in youth obesity. In neighborhoods all throughout the country, kids are exposed to preventable contaminants at home, at school and outdoors that can cause severe illness.

Numerous kids, specifically those residing in low-income neighborhoods, do not have a close-by medical professional or drug store to offer them with the health care they require.

Thankfully, there are things neighborhoods throughout the country are doing to enhance kids’s health. For instance, in MacArthur Park, one of the poorest communities in Los Angeles, the neighborhood came together to develop a complimentary health hair clinic and new budget-friendly real estate. An abandoned minimall was transformed into a new charter school that offers health and entertainment programs for households in the neighborhood.

Delaware County, Ohio-the fastest growing county in the state-offers another example of what people interacting can accomplish. Uncontrolled development had actually begun to effect locals’ health when the community launched a strenuous evaluation to identify areas for enhancement. As a result, more parks are being built and local programs were produced to encourage families and youngsters to be more active.

Is your area healthy for kids? Five concerns to ask:

1. Is my household’s residence devoid of hazardous levels of mold, lead and other kinds of hazardous substances?

2. Exists a safe play area nearby where my kids can play?

3. Is there a grocery store in my local that offers fresh meat, fruits and vegetables?

4. Is there a health hair clinic or pharmacy in my area?

5. Is the air in my community clean and safe for my kids to breathe?

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